… in 1997
In 1997, Joe Caprera, a young Montrealer with a Bachelor degree in Engineering decided he wanted to create a village in the large city of Montreal. His goal was to give the feeling of a village life in his first multi-residential complex. He believed that his complex should be personally managed in order to maximize the building’s qualities and render them with ease to its occupants. Like in a village, this young entrepreneur understood that every tenant should look out for each other in time of need and yet respect each others privacy when requested.

… some twenty years later.
Today, more than two decades later, the same engineer as in 1997 owns and manages all of his properties, and, has allowed the VILLAGE to grow to 1800+ apartments in the Montreal area. The philosophy is still the same – each tenant should benefit from their apartment the maximum in COMFORT, SECURITY and SERVICE all at an affordable price.
We at the VILLAGE APARTMENTS believe that every tenant should live in great COMFORT, SECURITY and receive the utmost in SERVICE. A tenant should not be considered as a client but more as a resident, a citizen and our ambassador to the others. Affordable rent, cleanliness, tranquil ambiance, preserving green spaces, order and proper management also contribute to the distinctions that set us apart from the others.

…we are GREEN TOO.
While offering all of these services to our tenants, we have not forgotten the need to conserve our planet earth. WE ARE GREEN TOO. Our cleaning products and air sanitizers are chosen to support the theory of environmentally friendly without sacrificing their efficiency. High energy efficient boilers, LED lighting, computers controls and microprocessors are also used to avoid any waste of energy without compromising the comfort of our tenants.